Alum Stone


Alum stone is a common name for a type of natural deodorant and aftershave that is popular in France and found throughout Europe. It is made from the naturally occurring mineral salt potassium alum a natural salt with the chemical formula KAL (So4) 2.12h2o.
Potassium Alum mines are mostly located in Asia and South America.
Alum stone has been used in cosmetic and pharmacy as haemostatic for hundreds of years. The cosmetic and personal care use of alum stone dates back to antiquity due to its simple, yet powerful cosmetic formula.

How to make

The Alum Stone is extracted directly from the potassium ore found in deep mines. The extracts are then selected according to their purity and their absence of earthy residues and then washed with pure and clear water.
The stone is melted in a crystallizer to ensure its melting going from a solid to liquid state at a temperature of 92 ° C. Subsequently, a small amount of demineralised water must be added during this melting in order to facilitate its homogenization.
There are then two methods of manufacturing the finished product:
The first consists in discharging the liquid alum in molds to the shape of the product.
The second lies in the coring of the product in the re-solidified alum in the crystallizer.
Our Alum stone comes from a process guaranteeing a finished product free of any impurity contained in the natural salt and offering a very high crystallinity.

Its vertues

Our Alum stone “DeoDiamant” has antimicrobial properties which allow it to prevent the growth of odour causing bacteria. It can also be used as an astringent and antiseptic. This inherent characteristic makes alum stone a highly effective deodorant and aftershave, as well as a cure for common razor bumps.
Since potassium alum, the active ingredient of alum stone, is soluble in water it leaves a fine, invisible layer on the skin’s surface when rubbed on the skin. Alum stone leaves no trace of the mineral salt, it can’t be seen, felt, or smelled, but it remains as an effective deodorant and aftershave.
Natural alum stone is a translucent crystalline colourless stone commercially called alum potassium and occurs in an octahedral crystal form. Alum stone is pure alum potassium and requires no mineral processing or synthesization.

Our alum stones are dermatologically tested. Doctor’s Evaluation on cutaneous tolerance and ocular tolerance are performed according to the current European pharmacologic regulation and EC directive N°1223/2009.

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