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The traditional soap of Aleppo was invented 40 centuries ago by the Mesopotamians in Aleppo, the second capital of Syria 350 km north of Damascus, and one of the oldest continously inhabited cities in history.

We owe the french crusaders its discovery and its importation on the old European continent. Aleppo soap then became famous in France and generated many soap factories around the Mediterranean. From then on, we find it in Italy, in Spain and more particularly in Marseille, creating towards in the end of the 17th century the famous “Savon de Marseille”.

This ancient city of Aleppo is home to some of the finest Laurel & Olive Oil Soap producers in the Middle East.
Their experience in producing Laurel & Olive soaps spans approximately 1300 years. Thus, Olive oil and Laurel berry oil became the fundamental ingredients of traditional Aleppo soaps.
The knowledge and formula used in the production of the original Aleppo soap are preserved from one generation to another up to this day.

How to make

The recipe of the “Le Sultan d’Alep” soap manufacturing respects traditions and proceeds in three steps:

  • The mixture
  • The cut
  • Drying

Adept master soap makers blend a refined mixture of olive oil, laurel oil, soda and water in a caldron into the famous SABOUN GHAR (or Laurel Soap) since 4000 years. The finished soap contraining high degree of glycerin, a natural by-product of the soap-making process know as “saponification”, which forms a natural moisturizer. This is why the Aleppo soap is so valuable in the market today.

The soap mixture is then spread out on the ground on oiled krafted paper. After the substance has hardened sufficiently, it will be cut into soap blocks and sealed with the producer mould onto it. Each type of soap bears a specific stamp.
The soaps will then take a long rest of more than 12 months, during which they will loose the original laurel green colour and change into a more or less beige colour. It can be crushed, mixed and pressed into smaller soaps of different shapes according to manufacture’s preference.

Our liquid soap is using the same ingredients with the same properties as that of the solid soaps. It is packed in a handy way for easy manage by consumers and available with different fragrances.

Its vertues

Our hand-crafted soaps are made exclusively with fine and natural ingredients of plant base olive oil and laurel berry essential oils, as oppose to other commercial soaps using animal fats or plant oils such as palm or seed oil.
Olive Oil, since ancient times, plays an important nutritive role in moisturizing and smoothen body skin, which is appreciated by all populations of the Mediterranean area.

Laurel berry oil, besides its moisturizing properties, has a soothing, antiseptic and stimulating effect on antibacte- rial and against scaling scalp. Bay Laurel essential oil is a traditional ingredient of Le Sultan d’Alep soaps. Laurel berry oil has a natural aroma noted for use in aromatherapy in the past decades.
More and more dermatologists in Europe started to prescribe Aleppo soap to their patients having skin irritation as side effect from drugs. The soap is most appreciated by those who have dehydrated, atopic, delicate or sensitive skin but are intolerable to other classical soaps for their daily use.

Our soaps are dermatologically tested. Doctor’s Evaluation on cutaneous tolerance and ocular tolerance are performed according to the current Euro- pean pharmacologic regulation and EC directives N°1223/2009.

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