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For almost thirty years, our family has been specialized in pharmaceutical technology. In 2001, while we began to import Aleppo soap in France, we founded Le Sultan d’Alep in order to promote craftsmanship and the benefits of natural beauty products. Five years later, facing a high demand in natural alum stone, we decided to include this crystal deodorant to our brand. Today, we are developing Le Sultan d’Alep on an international level.

To secure the quality of the supply and for optimal preservation, both the olives and laurel berries used for our soaps are hand-picked by local productions in northern Syria. The strong wind running throughout the year in this region enables us to avoid any environmental impact. Thus, the organic materials in our products are naturally treated, which offers a completely pure soap, without any traces of pesticides.

Working in collaboration with an Aleppo master soap-maker, heir of a 400-year family know-how, our soaps are recognizable by their natural scents and fragrances such as jasmine, rose and lavender. Essences that can also be found in our new range of organic Aleppo soaps made in France certified Cosmos Natural by Ecocert Greenlife.

Health and beauty elixir, Le Sultan d’Alep’ soaps are tested under dermatological control for sensitive skin and atopic-prone skin.

Since 2006, we also offer Deo Diamant: A 100% natural alum stone based on potassium alum, whose unique virtues are no longer to be proven.

Processing / Partnership

Interesting facts:

– We are the first company to have introduced 100% natural alum stone and traditional liquid Aleppo soap in drugstores in France.

– 90% of our partnerships are with family-owned companies.

– Since 2017, our products are sold at the Nobel Centre for Peace in Oslo, Norway. An opportunity for us to promote products made in countries suffering from disasters and wars.

– All of our packaging activities are made in collaboration with ESTA to encourage the employment of disabled people and in order to value their meticulous and exemplary work.


– Soap manufacturers

– Pharmaceutical companies

– Beauty and cosmetics stores

– Natural products wholesaler

– Organic stores

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