about us

CLARCO Company

Founded in 1991, our family company CLARCO is initially specialized in the transfer of pharmaceutical technology to the Middle East export markets. Ten years later, we decided to combine our activity with the importation of Aleppo soaps in answer to the request of our french pharmaceuticals partners.
2001 is also the launch of our brand Le Sultan d’Alep. Since this period, we work in collaboration with the same master soap manufacturer from Aleppo, a 400 years of unique quality inheritated from father to son.
In 2006, we develop our range of cosmetic products by the introduction of a new natural deodorant : The Alum Stone DeoDiamant. We are the first company to sell in french pharmacies this revolutionary deodorant with unique properties.
For all our packaging activities, we take pride in encouraging employment of disabled people in order to value their meticulous and irreproachable work.
Already present in many countries in Europe, we ensure our development into the international market.

Processing / Partnership

We manufacture our range of cosmetic products with our brands or under private labels such as:
– Pharmaceutical Laboratory
– Soap Manufacturer
– Cosmetics Shop
– Natural Cosmetics Product Group
– Natural Products Wholesaler
– Organic stores
We have a hundred tons branding capacity, which allows us to answer to large sales structures’ needs.
We invite you to contact us for any information regarding the production of our products under your brand or for any other question.

Our Products